Ok Taecyeon, wit guy’s charm comeback of 2PM


Ok Taecyeon, wit guy’s charm


Along with the comeback of 2PM, which marks the 13th anniversary of its debut, Ok Taek-yeon, who is also active as an actor, decorated the cover of the fashion trend magazine Indie.

In today’s pre-released image, Ok Taek-yeon shows off her visuals by perfectly digesting the two concepts with conflicting feelings. It is said that he dressed up in a colorful patch of street look, lifted a doll mask, and made a witty appearance, while in the next cut, he posed chicly in a fashionable suit, drawing admiration from the staff.

In addition, the colorful images presented by Ok Taek-yeon can be found on <Indie> vol.13, which has been pre-sale on the YES24 website since September 10.

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