Cyworld Water Bomb ticket show cancelled waterproof mask


Cyworld Water Bomb ticket show cancelled waterproof mask failed to save


Singer Psy canceled the performance of Cheongju’s “Break Show.”

Psy announced on his Instagram account on the 16th, “The Psy Soaking Show SUMMER SWAG 2022 – Cheongju, which was being promoted to be held on August 27, 2022, was not held due to inevitable reasons.”

He then said, “Please wait for the soaking show in the Chungcheong-do area, and I will deliver my regret and heart to the audience who looked forward to it, and I will visit you with a better performance in the future.”

The ‘inevitable reason’ Psy said is unknown. “The Blink Show” is a performance that shows Psy’s identity. It returned after about three years due to COVID-19, but noise continued from the beginning.

The “water bomb controversy” was the beginning. A drought has continued this year, and negative voices have emerged about Psy’s “dry show,” which uses a large amount of water. In fact, the average cumulative precipitation nationwide over the past six months is about half that of the previous year.

However, the rainy season front is usually formed from late June to early July. Considering that Psy’s “Break Show” starts in mid-July, the argument is not strong.

Another problem was the ticket scalpel for the show. Tickets for Psy’s “Bread Show” began on the 16th. Those who failed to get tickets for the popular performance have started to vote for the ticket. Tickets are being resold for as little as tens of thousands of won and as much as twice as much.

The organizers are also aware of the problem, but they seem to be unable to do much. Under the current law, there is no method of punishment if a ticket scalpel is not found at the scene. If found, they will be fined up to 200,000 won.

Hygiene management is also a big issue due to the nature of the performance that uses a lot of water. The quarantine authorities pointed out that masks soaked in water during outdoor performances have a high risk of bacterial reproduction, and appropriate measures are needed. Psy chose the ‘waterproof mask’. It is to block the infection route in advance.

Psy’s efforts deserve applause. However, the meaning of the “cancellation of Cheongju performance” has faded. Psy also replied, “It is a pity to cancel the Cheongju performance,” adding, “It is a problem caused by quickly adjusting the performance schedule after COVID-19.”

Meanwhile, the Psy Dipping Show 2022 will be held 10 times in seven cities nationwide, including Incheon, Seoul, Suwon, Gangneung, Yeosu, Daegu and Busan, for seven weeks from July 9 to August 20

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