Adverse Effects of Abortion Surgery about abortion


Adverse Effects of Abortion Surgery


I’d like to ask you about abortion. I have a girlfriend I’m dating now. Two weeks ago, we had a relationship and happened to have an internal vaginal examination. At that time, my girlfriend said it was okay because she had close menstruation, but she didn’t have it until the expiration date, so I was going to do it in case there were two lines. I think I need to have a prenatal surgery, but I want to know what to do in detail. My girlfriend is so nervous right now, can I get an abortion right away if I go to the hospital? 비아그라파는곳

I’m worried that my body will hurt a lot. My girlfriend says it’s okay because she doesn’t have to go to work because she’s working from home, but I’m a little worried. Please tell me how to deal with abortion.You are currently considering terminating your pregnancy because you are unwanted. If you’ve only checked with the pregnancy test and you’re not sure how you’re feeling yet, it’s best to visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic to see if you’re pregnant

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