How to increase ovulation success rate Usually


How to increase ovulation success rate


Usually, a normal menstrual cycle is established within 21 to 35 days after the first period, and if the menstrual cycle is within this normal range, it can be interpreted that ovulation is doing well. If the menstrual cycle exceeds 35 days or less than 20 days, it can be interpreted that ovulation is not good, and it can be assumed that menstruation without menstruation occurs without ovulation itself for more than six consecutive months. This is because hormones must be secreted after ovulation to remove the endometrium and to come out as menstruation.

In other words, even if the menstrual cycle is within 21 to 35 days, ovulation success is high if it falls into this category. Because it is skipped beyond the normal menstrual cycle or within a few months, the pregnancy period is relatively long or the pregnancy is not successful within a year, so you are diagnosed with infertility. Menopause means completely stopping ovary ovulation and hormone secretion, which is the function of the ovaries, so ovulation itself does not occur and comes with severe aftereffects that early menopause women cannot conceive

There are two main ways to increase ovulation success (even if diagnosed with early menopause, the menopause itself can be delayed if detected and treated as soon as possible). It is a method of inducing one-time ovulation by administering hormone drugs and continuing ovulation through non-hormone treatment.

In the former case, it is obstetric treatment, and in the latter case, it can be obtained through obstetric treatment. The appropriate method can be determined by considering various factors such as age and duration of pregnancy.

In the former case, it is difficult to use in the long run. This is because ovulation induction has a high success rate of 80 to 85%, but on the contrary, side effects that prevent pregnancy (thin endometrium and poor cervical mucus) can occur.

In most cases, after a short period of time, it often goes to the stage of supplementary biopsy such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, but many attempts are made because the success rate of these procedures is not very high.

I don’t recommend trying to get pregnant because I’m tied to ovulation. The success rate is high from two days before ovulation to the day of ovulation, and the evaluated sperm can survive for about three days, so you don’t need to sleep on the day of ovulation to succeed in pregnancy 비아그라 파는곳

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that having a bed naturally once or twice a week is enough to get pregnant, and checking the ovulation date and with the pregnancy test can cause stress and adversely affect pregnancy.

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