The swelling on the right eyelid lasts for more than 2 months


The swelling on the right eyelid lasts for more than 2 months


Q: She is a unmarried woman in her mid-40s. About two months ago, symptoms of swelling in the right eyelid began to appear severely. I’m still worried that this has not subsided.

Recently, it starts to swell to the left, but this has never happened before, so I’m very worried. Not long ago, I went to the ophthalmologist and he said that I usually had dry eye syndrome, but as it got worse, if my kidney function is not good, I get swollen like this.

It was said that it would get better soon, but it was still swollen, my eyes were very tired, and the close letters seemed blurred, which seems to have affected my eyesight.

For reference, there is currently a large lump on the right kidney, and three months ago, there was swelling on the calf and the back of the foot for a while.

A: There are few cases where only one eye swells due to decreased kidney function. Get a medical examination 비아그라 판매

Once in a while, there are patients whose eyes swell due to inflammation of the fat surrounding the eyes. If the eyeball itself does not protrude, but only has eyelid edema, you do not need to visit a higher medical institution for a thorough examination.

In most cases, symptoms of swelling due to inflammation in fat have not been identified for a specific cause. It can only recover after a long time. It is not directly related to severe eye fatigue and not being able to see what is close.

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