48-year-old Kim Ji-ho is suffering from pain that makes

Kim Ji-ho

48-year-old Kim Ji-ho is suffering from pain that makes her whole body unable to sit down and mental breakdown due to a bolt from the blue

Kim Ji-ho

Actor Kim Ji-ho expressed embarrassment at the unexpected pain.

Kim Ji-ho said on the 29th, “My strained back is still in trouble after opening a drawer on the morning of the 25th. He said, “My tonsils were swollen with body aches, and my whole body and back were already stiff and my muscles were throbbing due to overwork the previous day.”

“I went to the closet, stroking my stiff back to go to the hospital, and bent down toward the drawer, but something was bothering me, and I rushed my husband to the bed because he couldn’t even stand or sit down. I couldn’t even sit down in the evening, and I was dumbfounded by the ceiling. He added, “As it was almost time for the guests to come, I was able to sit down somehow, perhaps because of the strong painkillers.”

Kim Ji-ho said that he has been doing yoga steadily for his back health and said, “Why did this situation like a bolt from the blue come? Come to think of it, the day my friends came, they taught me good exercises for my back, so I didn’t warm up and even went to Asana and Urdeva. On top of that, he looked back on himself, saying, “I was so proud and treated him recklessly after drinking a little, and I was overturned by the tired body.”

Finally, “Today, I went to the otolaryngology clinic in time for the opening time because I couldn’t sleep due to swelling and stinging tonsils and rhinitis. The government says it will allow me to be 49 years old again, but it’s not good to see that my body is turning 50 years old. But it’s still outside the window. “The house is warm, so thank you and let’s spend today,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-ho married actress Kim Ho-jin in 2001 and has a daughter. I appeared in the movie ‘Call Restriction’ last year

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