Vibrant mantis conch diameter (condiloma) recurrence HPV Gadasil


Vibrant mantis conch diameter (condiloma) recurrence HPV Gadasil


It’s caused by a human papillomavirus called hpv, and in most cases, they can’t make the essence as they want, and they just have about 30 minutes of the population, and most of them have no symptoms Asymptomatic conditions last for a year, two years, three years, and four years, it disappears at about 50% a year, but I think it’s because our skin is immune to it, so we just blow it away

I don’t know if it’s directly related to our immune system, but if you get a construction that’s known to boost your immune system, you’ll see a lot of them. But if you have eczema on this side, you’ll have to lower the steroid

So there’s a big ambiguity in the relationship between immunology departments that start with normal roads, and if you don’t have money diameter symptoms, I want to think that the virus is gone, but if you ask for a recurrence because you’re old, it’ll be too big. If you talk about it, it’ll be very small. There are a lot of people who asked the same question No one will be able to explain it in the unit Maternity doctor, infectious medicine doctor, next time I’ll tell you, delivery-type clinically, it may be irresponsible, but you can do it that’s been thoroughly related since you first got the pimple For a year, if there’s a wall that’s uncomfortable,

You have to come early and do mine At first, if there’s a big chunk, it’s almost 100% around you, and then it can come up again when your immune system drops or you’re tired, and then you come back 10 minutes earlier and you just have to do a second biopsy If you look at it carefully for about a year, the recurrence rate drops to the scene If something comes up after 5 or 10 years, I’m not sure if it’s in the old one

If you have questions about herpes, don’t get tired and boost your immune function, but if you can afford to get a new relationship or a vaccine, try to get it two or three times Don’t worry about this. There’s not much difference. Unfortunately, it was a domestic study 강남풀싸롱 

In the case of women in their 30s, about 40% of Korea is too much to say that they have been infected with at least one hpv, but for unknown reasons, they develop symptoms and most of them have no symptoms With the belief that the treatment will eventually be done, women will be vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer, and men will also have less urgency because they don’t have a uterus, but if you reduce the number 6 and 11 and reduce the number of dangerous viruses to my girlfriend’s wife, I think so

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