The woman on Woo Hyo-kwang’s lap? I’m not the one to be picked

The woman

The woman on Woo Hyo-kwang’s lap? I’m not the one to be picked for an affair.

The woman

When Chinese actor Shen Yo was pointed out as Woo Hyo-kwang’s alleged affair, he claimed his innocence through SNS.

On the YouTube channel “Entertainment Back President Lee Jin-ho” on the 19th, controversial rumors of Woo Hyo-kwang’s affair were mentioned. Lee Jin-ho said that Shen Yo, a Chinese actor, was pointed out as a target of Wu Hyo-kwang’s affair, for his work with Wu Hyo-kwang and for his resemblance to a woman on Wu’s lap. Simyo was born in 1992 and is 12 years old with Woo Hyo-kwang.

Simyo denied the allegations by posting a selfie on her social media. Simyo said, “I’m not the younger brother,” adding, “You say my profile looks similar, but I post high-definition pictures so that it doesn’t take much time to find my profile. 광주호빠

Woo Hyo-kwang recently became controversial after a video clip of a woman riding a car with a woman on her lap was released. In particular, since Woo Hyo-kwang was nicknamed “Woovely” by Choo Ja-hyun as a loving lover in SBS’ “Dongsangimong 2-You Are My Destiny,” netizens’ sense of betrayal increased. Choo Ja-hyun and Woo Hyo-kwang’s agency, BH Entertainment, said, “It was a happening on their way home from a meeting with their acquaintances in May. I will pay attention to the misleading behavior even if I am a close acquaintance.”

Choo Ja-hyun and Woo Hyo-kwang also spoke. “Even if it is a simple mistake, there is a clear responsibility for wrongdoing. I also rebuked him for his rash behavior, and Hyogwang is also deeply self-reflecting and deeply aware of it,” he said, lowering his head instead of Woo Hyo-Hyogwang. Woo Hyo-kwang also apologized to his wife, Choo Ja-hyun, saying, “No matter how close friends we are, we need to pay attention to our behavior, but my careless behavior caused misunderstanding.”

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