Smuggling Kim Hye-soo’s acting skills showed

Kim Hye-soo

Smuggling Kim Hye-soo’s acting skills showed a twist of likes and dislikes

Kim Hye-soo

The movie “Secretary” (director Ryu Seung-wan) was the first runner in the summer peak season. It successfully departed on the 26th, easily exceeding 310,000 opening scores, citing stories of haenyeo smuggling against the backdrop of the cool sea. Attractive actors such as actors Kim Hye-soo, Yeom Jung-ah, Cho In-sung, Park Jung-min, Ko Min-si, and Kim Jong-soo, and the genre of summer movies worked for the audience, but the biggest reason was director Ryu Seung-wan, who had a megaphone.

“It’s all thanks to the actors. There was no fight between our actors. That was so comfortable. While filming the movie, there is a competitive structure that is inevitable among actors, but this time, all the actors’ personalities were amazing. On top of that, the two cores, Kim Hye-soo and Yeom Jung-ah, led so well that the coach could comfortably say, “Should I do this or that?” The actors said they followed my direction, but they were humble. They’re all done by themselves.”

Sports Kyunghyang was able to hear the answers to three questions about ‘smuggling’ from coach Ryu Seung-wan, whom he recently met

Another reaction to the film is the rediscovery of handsome Cho In-sung. He appears as “Kwon Sang-sa” in the play and rides a subtle line with “Chunja” and burns all the charms in the climax action scene. Because of this, there are many fans who are in love with Cho In-sung. Coach Ryu burst into laughter when he said, “I gave Cho In-sung a reflector.”

“I felt like I broke a person too much while doing my previous work ‘Mogadishu’ with Cho In-sung, so I felt like a fan. So I was paying back my debt interest with this movie, but in the action scene, I filmed it as if I was paying back the principal. And the lighting team really liked Jo In Seong. This time, it was not easy to install lights in Cho In-sung’s first appearance, but strangely, Kim Hye-soo’s face brightened when Cho In-sung approached. At first, everyone looked around asking, “Isn’t it a mistake to expose?” But it turned out that Jo In-sung wore white pants and even acted as a reflector. Jo In Seong even played the role of the lighting team. In fact, once you work with Cho In-sung, you can’t help but fall in love with him. He’s a pretty person with nice words and actions. He’s a star who knows how to take care of himself and appreciates people. He is a friend who truly appreciates the public. It’s not about seeing the public as money, but about sincerely allowing them to live like this. I think he’ll do better in the future

Among the many characters, the most attractive character is “Jang Do-ri,” played by Park Jung-min. Why did coach Ryu propose the role of Jang Do-ri to Park Jung-min.

“I liked Park Jung-min’s debut film ‘The Watchdog’ so much, and I’ve always supported him while watching his track record. When I watch movies that I participated in as a producer, such as “Start-up” and “Sabaha,” I also say, “He is a very good actor.” I wanted to meet them for a long time. That’s why I suggested it. As expected, they were so nice to me. I found out that he was a deep person and that he didn’t act in vain. My younger brother, Ryu Seung-beom, also said he really wants Park Jung-min’s hairstyle in the drama after watching “Secret Story.” She doesn’t usually get jealous so she doesn’t say “I’m jealous” after watching other people’s movies, but this time, she said, “Wow, I’m really jealous of that.”

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