A car delivered by Ronaldo’s girlfriend causes


A car delivered by Ronaldo’s girlfriend causes traffic congestion in Lisbon


Cristiano Ronaldo has become the so-called “truth.” What’s the story?

Ronaldo was recently transported to Lisbon, Portugal. One is Cadillac’s Escalade, which costs 150,000 pounds (about 230 million won), and it is known as Ronaldo’s 37th birthday gift from his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. The vehicle is also a flying spur model of Bentley, which Ronaldo used to ride.

However, the process of delivering the vehicle seems to have been quite noisy. According to the Middle Eastern media “Strive Me,” Ronaldo caused traffic jams by blocking a lane in the middle of downtown Lisbon while receiving vehicles.

According to one witness, “The delivery driver tried to get off the car with as little noise as possible. But trucks blocked roads, and traffic doubled for a while. Escalade and Bentley are very attractive and are lowered from the Trunk,” he explained the scene he saw.

The witness then said, “The drivers tried to get the car into the garage as soon as possible. The cars had a British license plate, so it was very easy to see that it was Cristiano Ronaldo’s car.”

Ronaldo played for Lisbon-based Sporting as a teenager. Rumors of a sports transfer have circulated even before rumors of a transfer to Saudi Arabian club Al-Nasr recently. There seems to be a possibility of returning to his former team 토토사이트

Ronaldo has his own hotel in Lisbon and also owns a (6m penthouse in downtown Lisbon

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