Jin Areum Namgoongmin God given Korean Hulk with


Jin Areum Namgoongmin God given Korean Hulk with a half-bodied body


Actor Nam Gung-min succeeded in transforming his visual again.

Nam Gung-min posted a photo with an emoticon on his Instagram account on the afternoon of the 12th. In the picture, he shows off his unique fashion sense by matching a checkered jacket with a khaki tie and pants.

Above all, the slim body that has become half is impressive. Last year, Nam Gung-min bulked up by increasing as much as 14 kilograms for MBC’s masterpiece “Black Sun.” He turned into a physical resemblance to a beast and drew a lot of attention, but now he is nowhere to be seen.

The hairstyle with waves is also impressive. Nam Gung-min threw away his trademark clean and dandy image and tried to transform his visual once again. Here’s why fans are crazy about him.

Meanwhile, Nam Gung-min is filming SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “A 1,000-won Lawyer,” which aims to air in 2022. After the “Hot Stove League” syndrome, SBS will knock on the home door for the first time in two years.

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