Doosan player A’s Doping Innocence claim variable during final


Doosan player A’s Doping Innocence claim variable during final evaluation is unique case


Last month, Doosan Bears player A was caught in a doping test by the Korea Anti-Doping Commission (KADA). Prohibited substances were detected in samples (pure & blood).

At a KADA hearing last month, A and the Doosan team expressed their position by strongly insisting on their innocence. KADA’s ban on drugs is five major steps. The first one is to notify the player, the club or the institution of the detection in the doping test. Second, if a player wants to make a call, he or she holds a hearing. Third, KADA will issue the first final result and notify (including sanctions). Fourth, a player can appeal within a month. A player may waive an appeal. Fifth, if an appeal is made, KADA will reconsider and make a final decision again.

In the case of A, KADA is reviewing the third stage, namely the hearing’s calling data, to produce the first final result.

It is true that prohibited drugs have been detected. For prohibited drug detection, KADA applies the zero tolerance principle. A player’s carelessness or mistake is not acceptable. According to the Pro Sports Anti-Doping Regulations for Drug Detection and Possession, baseball and volleyball are suspended in half of a season, and professional baseball is suspended in 72 games out of 144 games. The second is suspended for one season and the third is expulsion.

The drugs detected in A are not known performance-enhancing drugs such as male hormones or steroids. When absorbed by the body, it deforms and helps the growth of cells directly or indirectly. It has only recently been included in prohibited drugs.

A strongly denies the charges. They say they have never tried unfair methods all the time. They claim that they continued their daily lives. A and Doosan have recently confirmed unusual overseas cases. Rob Font, a UFC player, was sanctioned by the U.S. Anti-Doping Commission for detecting substances such as A last month. However, he insisted on his innocence and insisted that prohibited metabolites could be made in the body when absorbed from ordinary household items such as cosmetics, sunscreen and skin stabilizers. Rob Font is said to have been cleared of charges after several tests by the U.S. Anti-Doping Commission.

For now, it is not clear whether A is the same case. KADA is also considering this carefully, as it is not a common case.

Until now, few athletes have avoided sanctions since the detection of banned drugs from KADA has been confirmed. Carelessness or mistakes are not acceptable. In many other cases, such as the purpose of treatment, there has been a reduction in sanctions, but the sanctions themselves have rarely been nullified.

When the detection of prohibited drugs was confirmed last month, Doosan reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center immediately after being notified by KADA. A KBO official said, “We cannot officially confirm anything related to KADA’s official activities.” KADA’s first final results, scheduled for early August, have yet to be released.

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