Inflammation after molars root extraction my early 30s


Inflammation after molars root extraction


Q: I’m a woman in my early 30s. A few days ago, I had my molars removed by myself, which had only roots left at home. The inflammation is severe, what is the cause? Does it cause inflammation if food or foreign substances enter your gums before healing? Does it go into your gums and into your nerves or blood vessels? How long does it take for your gums to freeze?

A: It is presumed that the tooth that was damaged a long time ago broke over time and left only the roots.

If the gum is floating in soft tissue, it will heal in about a week. However, if the remaining teeth are located in the gums, it takes about four weeks to fill up with new bones. If the inflammation is severe, proper treatment such as medication may be required (if there is an inflammation, dental treatment may be required). There is almost no inflammation due to food coming into the gums after the teeth are removed. In particular, there is no entry into nerves or blood vessels.

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