Painful pain after the abortion woman in my early 20s


Painful pain after the abortion


Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s. The condom burst during the relationship and failed to contraception. It’s been two weeks since the abortion.

During the first week of ultrasound, there were no abnormalities, and I took medicine for vaginitis.

Currently, there is no lower abdomen pain and bleeding, but there is occasional pain in the vagina area. It’s not a persistent pain, but it’s sometimes bothering me. What kind of problem?

A: The pain can sometimes worsen after the abortion, even though there are no problems. Pelvic pain, menstrual pain, ovulatory pain, etc.

Even if there are no abnormalities, if the discomfort persists or is severe, you must see a doctor to know the exact cause and treat it.

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