Will it be a good answer for Nongshim’s new-structure harmony


Will it be a good answer for Nongshim’s new-structure harmony?


Nongshim Red Force is one of the teams that has changed a lot since the 2021 season. This is because he joined hands with Nongshim at Team Dynamics and passed the franchise and was born under the name Nongshim Red Force 안전한놀이터

Nongshim signed a long-term contract with “Rich” Lee Jae-won early on, signaling a slight change. Nongshim’s theme was the combination of newcomers and veterans from the early days of the transfer market. “Peanut” Han Wang-ho succeeded in recruiting a veteran jungler, and supporters recruited “Kelin” Kim Hyung-kyu, who has no experience in LCK as mid and jungle serve.

Rather than completely changing the team’s color, the existing “rich-good talk” was appropriately mixed with veteran “Peanuts” and new talents to balance. The Kespa Cup, which was first introduced after the change, was not bad.

Seo Dae-gil’s form in “Goodwill” was definitely elevated, and he often showed strong pressure on his opponent from the start of the line due to his good chemistry with “Kelin” Kim Hyung-kyu. In particular, “Kelin” Kim Hyung-kyu, who newly joined the team, also became a sure guide when he grabbed champions who are strong in initiating, such as Leona (4 wins) and Lacan (2 wins). Also, Park Joon-byeong’s propaganda, which could be the most important, is also a positive factor for Nongshim. It is a valuable harvest that shows stable appearance with Oriana and Silas and gave up to five pre-emptions to newcomers whose experience value is important in each game.

“We learned about our shortcomings through the Kespa Cup,” said Bae Ji-hoon, head coach of “Sbs.” And I lacked multi-war experience, which was a good experience to supplement, and I think it will be a great help before the full-fledged league. The recent atmosphere of the team was a light warm-up before the league anyway, but the results of the final were not very good and there was no big change,” he said.

He also briefly spoke about the current situation of the scrimmage and “Jooha-Wain” players, who were not released at the Kespa Cup. Scream is not a bad situation at the moment. However, I am not paying much attention to the results of the screams because I am practicing in many areas. “Juhan” player has a very good physique, and Wayne is a player who knows how to play smartly because he has a lot of knowledge about roll,” he said.

Lastly, I didn’t forget to say hello to my fans. Coach Bae Ji-hoon said, “I think I have done well in the Kepa Cup after being newly established as Nongshim Red Force. However, our first goal is to enter the playoffs at LCK, and we will make a team that can even look to win higher.

In many cases, KSPA Cup’s performance does not lead to the next LCK spring season, but it is a team that can be fully expected as Nongshim Red Force has shown performances, team’s active sponsorship, and development in various fields. In addition, many experts emphasize the importance of the early matches of the season, and Nongshim meets Damwon Kia on the second time after the first game with Reeve Sandbox, but many say it is a good match for the next season, such as DRX and Freddie.

■ 2021 LCK Spring Nongshim Red Force Round 1 Schedule

January 14th VS Live Sandbox
January 17 VS Damwon Starvation
January 20th VS DRX
January 23 vs. Freddy’s Brion
January 29 VS Africa Freaks
January 31st VSkt Rollster
February 3rd VST1
February 5th VS Genji eSports
February 18 VS Hanwha Life eSports

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