I don’t feel responsible for Hwang Ha-na’s husband’s death

Hwang Ha-na's

I don’t feel responsible for Hwang Ha-na’s husband’s death.

Hwang Ha-na's

Hwang Ha-na, a former fiance of singer and actor Park Yoo-chun and the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy founder, has been arrested on charges of injecting drugs during her probation. Among them, both her husband and acquaintance, who are key witnesses who will state the drug charges, were found to have made extreme choices, which shocked her.

On the 7th, Kwon Kyung-sun, a judge in charge of warrants at the Seoul Western District Court, issued an arrest warrant for Hwang Ha-na, who is suspected of violating the law on managing evil animals, saying, “There is a concern of running away and destroying evidence.”

Earlier, Hwang was indicted on charges of administering methamphetamine three times at home from May to September 2015 and using psychotropic drugs without prescription in April 2018. He was also accused of taking methamphetamine several times between September 2018 and March 2019.

Hwang Ha-na was sentenced to one year in prison and suspended for two years by an appeals court in November 2019, and her sentence has been confirmed and is currently on probation. He was previously arrested in April 2019 and released after being sentenced to probation in the first trial.

Hwang Ha-na has been accused of taking drugs with her acquaintances several times since August last year when she was on probation. The police are known to have secured a record of drug administration and a number of syringes used at the time of administration. Hwang Ha-na denied the charges to reporters after completing the warrant review, saying, “I don’t admit it.”

The telegram ID “Battican Kingdom,” a drug supply related to Hwang’s drug administration, was also arrested by police on the same day.

Meanwhile, Hwang Ha-na has raised much speculation about the death of her husband Oh. Two days before her death, Hwang Ha-na’s husband visited Yongsan Police Station in Seoul on Dec. 22 last year and confessed to Hwang’s drug administration. Earlier, he secretly took drugs when Hwang Ha-na was sleeping in front of the police, but just before his death, he said, “I made a false statement at the time at the request of Hwang Ha-na.” Oh died two days after the confession of his family.

However, Oh’s suicide note reportedly contained an article to the effect that “I’m sorry for bringing Hwang Ha-na into the drug.” Oh`s acquaintance told MBC recently, “Oh is not the man to make the extreme choice. I hope it will be revealed what condition Oh was in at the end and who he contacted.”

In particular, Nam, who was found to be an acquaintance of Hwang Ha-na and a member of the nation’s largest drug organization, was in critical condition after trying to make an extreme choice on December 17 last year. Oh and Nam took Hwang and methamphetamine at some place in Suwon from August to October last year.

Both men, who are witnesses to Hwang Ha-na’s alleged drug use, tried to make extreme choices, leaving one dead and one unconscious. Asked if he felt responsible for all the people around him who took drugs together made extreme choices, Hwang Ha-na replied, “No.”

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