“Reverse 2014?” LPL players who are about to expire


“Reverse 2014?” LPL players who are about to expire


LPL players, who have finished the de Championship, are set for the last tournament of the season, “NEST 2022.”

In particular, after this NEST 2022, a number of players, including some Korean players, who have been living with the team for a long time, are set to expire their contracts with their teams.

As the contract termination date of the players contracted so far this year is November 22, teams are already fiercely working behind the scenes to capture the “contract termination players” in the transfer market that will take place since then.

Any Once Legend (AL)

In Anyon’s Legend, which caused an “AL syndrome” in the LPL by causing an unexpected sensation in the early and mid-summer season, only one player and supporter “Chiu Chiu” Jang-yi is set to expire.

Chiu Chiu, who is 24 years old this year, moved from Top E-Sports (TES) to Log Warriors (RW), the predecessor of AL, in the winter of 2020, and has been accompanying his team for two years. When the news of his renewal of his contract was reported on February 22, he led Betty’s “Super Carry” for this year, making no major mistakes.

The game he played very well is the Weibo Gaming (WBG) match in the fifth week, along with the WE match in the seventh week, which is well known abroad as the “Betty Show.”

At that time, he (Nautilus), who led the series of victories in each battle, including three assists through team play with Jungler Xiaohao in the line match, led the growth of the dealers in the early stages and gave them a victory. Grab, which accurately pulls out Angel Ari through the mark of On (Browm), is the best scene in the game.

Corruption Gaming (BLG)

Corruption Gaming, which has emerged as the LPL’s best issue maker, including team name, overwhelming financial power, Woozi’s return, and summer season’s “spin board,” officially has no player whose contract expires.

However, amid talk of reorganizing the squad this season, some are carrying out “fun imaginations” as their roster for next season, including Vin-Way-Night-Gala-Chrisp.

Edward Gaming (EDG)

Edward Gaming, who overcame the tough spring season and proved the prestige of the 2021 World Champion, is set to sign key players.

With two Korean players, “Scout” Lee Ye-chan and “Viper” Park Do-hyun and “Flandre” Li Xuanjun also facing the expiration of their contracts, especially in China, they are cautiously predicting the possibility of combining Viper and Damwon Kia (DK).

The games that each of the three players played well this season included the first set of the 6th week and 3rd day UP match (Scout-Azir), the 3rd week and 3rd day iG match (Viper-Jerry), and the 1st set of the 2R FPX match (Flang Dre-Kenenen), which showed a flawless game.

Fun Plus Phoenix (FPX)

FPX, which has completely transformed from a five-game losing team to a playoff team, has as many as four players set to expire.

They are Jungler “Clid” Kim Tae-min, who is expected to return to Korea, midliner “Care” Yangzi, who raised his stock price with good performance in the playoffs, and the team’s core “LWX” Lin Wei-shiang and sub-top liner “Xiaolao-fu” Ping Xiaohu.

In particular, while the possibility of LWX’s departure from the team is widely expected in the region, expectations and concerns are being raised whether LWX-centered rebuilding will be possible next season.

Clyde and LWX performed well in every game, which could be considered as the highlight of the second half of the summer, and it was difficult to pick a very active game because Xiaolaofu did not show a good performance.

However, the game in which FPX regained hope was the fourth week and sixth day of the match against Summer Canavi’s Jingdong Gaming LPL (JDG).

Despite the difficult situation of giving up the first set in the first game immediately after joining the Summit, he stopped JDG, who had been undefeated, in the midst of Summit-Care’s strong performance, which blew up the game several times ahead of the messenger battle.

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