Daniel Radcliffe opposes author JK Rowling

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe opposes author JK Rowling

Daniel Radcliffe JK Rowling

Daniel Radcliffe of the “Harry Potter” series expressed his belief in rebelling against JK Rowling.

British actor Daniel Radcliffe said in an interview with IndieWire, a U.S. film media outlet, “I felt the need to talk about something too,” in response to his opposition to Rowling’s 2020 remarks two years ago.

Rowling defended a woman who was fired from work for making transgender hate remarks in 2019, and in 2020, she was criticized by LGBT people for using the expression “Menstractors,” which means “menstrual person,” instead of the word “woman.”

In response, Daniel Radcliffe released a letter in September 2020 on the website of the Trevor Project, a non-profit organization for suicide prevention in the LGBTQ community, saying, “Transgender is a woman.” Daniel Radcliffe has sponsored the organization since 2010.

When Radcliffe publicly rebelled against the author’s move, the main characters who later appeared in the “Harry Potter” series also expressed their opposition to the writer’s move.

Daniel told IndieWire, “Especially because I met many queers, children, and young people affected by Harry Potter after the end of Harry Potter,” adding, “I saw them hurt, and I wanted to let everyone in the Harry Potter series feel that way.” It’s very important,” he said.

Actor Daniel has become a global star by playing the main character Harry Potter in the eight series of “Harry Potter.” Recently, there was a rumor that he was going to play the character “Wolverine” after Hugh Jackman, but he dismissed it as “rumor.”

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