Why did you leave OKC? Durant it was too easy


Why did you leave OKC? Durant, it was too easy


Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets) also made harsh remarks from Oklahoma (OKC)

Durant appeared in Blitcherport’s video series “Chips” and said in an interview with the Golden State Warriors’ Raymond Green that it was “No Breiner” who left OKC for the Golden State in 2016. He said he made a decision so easily that he didn’t have to worry about it.

At that time, OKC fans were convinced that Durant would stay at OKC. Russell Westbrook also believed so.

But he left all of a sudden.

OKC fans were angry, saying they were hit in the back of the head. Westbrook was also excited about being betrayed.

Then, when Durant played against the OKC, the OKC fans booed Durant, and Westbrook even quarreled with Durant.

OKC fans still get excited when they hear Durant’s story.

In the midst of this, Durant burst into anger when he said he left OKC as if it were too obvious without thinking 토토사이트

Oklahoma’s largest media company, Oklahoma, reported Durant’s interview in detail on the 19th (Korea time) with the title “No Breiner.”

He also posted photos of Westbrook and Durant arguing during the game.

Durant said, “It was a basketball decision. I didn’t really care. I thought I was the perfect player for the Golden State. It was too easy to decide.”

“I don’t care,” Durant said, referring to the betrayal of OKC fans.

Durant grabbed two championship rings at the Golden State.

He then moved to Brooklyn in 2019.

“I have no regrets,” Durant said of leaving the Golden State.

Once again, he has revealed that he is a typical business-minded player.

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