If you agree to one condition of renewing your contract


If you agree to one condition of renewing your contract with Kane Tottenham,


Tottenham’s Harry Kane (28) is likely to renew his contract.

British media “Express” said on the 14th (Korea Standard Time), “If Kane agrees to one condition with Chairman Daniel Levy, he is expected to sign a new contract,” adding, “Tottenham is considering offering Kane an extension of the contract.”

Kane then expressed his desire to leave Tottenham at the end of last season. However, Chairman Levi did not let him go. Manchester City offered two recruitment proposals last month, but Chairman Levy refused both. He reportedly requested at least 150 million in transfer fees, he added.

He also said, “There are expectations that Kane will be able to sign a new contract without leaving the team.”

In fact, Kane plans to negotiate with Tottenham to renew his contract. Instead, conditions are needed. It is the release clause. Citing a report by Euro Sports, “Kane tries to include a release clause,” “If he renews his contract, he will also have to receive a considerable wage.”

According to the BBC and others in the UK, Kane believed in the gentleman’s agreement with Chairman Levy. He asked for a transfer in the summer, but he stayed, but he seems to have decided to leave if the team doesn’t get better at the time. However, it was highly likely that it was an implicit verbal agreement, not a document. It was the reason Kane couldn’t leave the team.

Therefore, when signing a new contract, the weekly salary level will be raised and the release clause will be included. I decided that there was a need for conditions to leave the team freely when a similar situation came like this summer.

Meanwhile, the British media The Times reported a similar report in August. The media said, “Kane is discussing an extension contract with Tottenham. Kane wants a weekly salary of (6400,000 (640 million won). “As Tottenham has the highest transfer fee ever, I also want to receive weekly salaries at the highest level in the Premier League,” he reported 파워볼사이트

Currently, Kane is known to receive 300,000 pounds (about 480 million won) per week. In 2018, he renewed his six-year contract with Tottenham, with a weekly salary of (200,000 (about 320 million won). Last summer, Tottenham raised its weekly salary to 300,000 to prevent Kane from moving.

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