Trey Young’s complaint My ability is 89? Do your job right

Trey Young

Trey Young’s complaint My ability is 89? Do your job right

Trey Young

Every year, controversy arises when new sports games based on real-world data are released.

It is a controversy over the players’ overall. Fans, of course, express their dissatisfaction with their abilities.

NBA star Trey Young (Atlanta Hawks) was also full of complaints.

With the release of the NBA 2K22 just around the corner, the capabilities of major players have been pre-released. LeBron James (LA Lakers), Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets), Janice Adetokunbo (Milwaukee Bucks), and Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) scored the highest of 96. Kawaii Leonard (LA Clippers), Nikola Yokichi (Denber Nuggets), and Joel Embid (Philadelphia 76ers) scored 95 points.

Young’s ability is 89. The score is far below 94 points for the top 10 Luca Doncic (Dallas Mavericks), James Harden (Brooklyn Nets), and Damien Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers).

Young averaged 25.3 points and 9.4 assists in the 2020-2021 season. In particular, he led Atlanta to the Eastern Conference Final with an average of 28.8 points and 9.5 assists in the playoffs. It was the first time in six seasons since the 2014-2015 season.

It was three points higher than last season’s 86 points, but it was not satisfactory for Young.

Young tweeted, “I feel this every year, is everyone doing their job right?” complaining about her ability.

The same goes for James and Durant, who received the highest level of competence. However, unlike Young, who is sincere (?), it was a complaint mixed with aegyo. James said, “I need to get 99 points,” and Durant said, “I trained really hard. “It’s great in every way, so I have to get 99 points.”

Kevin Garnett was the first active player to receive 99 points in 2001. The following year, Shaquille O’Neill received 100 points, and Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, James and Chris Paul also received 99 points. However, 99 points have been set only for legends since the 2014 series, limiting the ability of active players.

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