164km fastball overshadowing Toronto Why am I looking forward to it


164km fastball overshadowing Toronto Why am I looking forward to it?


“When he’s 100%, we’ll see a completely changed Nate Pearson (25, Toronto Blue Jays).”

This is what Toronto pitching coach Pete Walker said on a program on Canadian media SportsNet last month. Pearson wore a Toronto uniform as 28th in the first round of the 2017 rookie draft. Expectations were high because fastballs with a maximum speed of 102 miles (about 164 kilometers) were very powerful, but they left regrets due to ball control anxiety and frequent injuries. He made his big league debut last year and had only 17 games, 2 wins and 1 loss, 33 innings, 36 strikeouts, 25 walks and a 5.18 ERA in two seasons.

Even if it has been disappointing for the second consecutive year, many view it as an “unscratched lottery” yet. The U.S. sports media “Sports Illustrated” cited Pearson as one of Toronto’s three important variables next season (Korea Standard Time).

The media said, “Pearson was a cameo this season, but he fully showed why he had to graduate from the team’s top prospect position. He showed impressive pitching based on fastballs of up to 102 miles. However, ahead of his third season in the big leagues, he explained, “It is difficult to find factors Toronto needs, such as steady pitching, command, and health.”

Toronto has consistently hoped Pearson would take a spot in the starting rotation. Ahead of the 2020 season, Pearson has been mentioned as the next ace since Ryu Hyun-jin was recruited for four years and $80 million. I wanted Pearson to grow while Ryu Hyun-jin was on the support as an ace right away. As Pearson grew slower than expected due to frequent injuries, Alec Manoa (23) began to stand out first, and Jose Verios and Kevin Gaussman were recruited to reinforce the starting lineup.

Toronto has confirmed Verios, Gaussman, Manoa, and Ryu Hyun-jin as starters for next season, and the remaining one position is expected to compete. It is true that Pearson has the highest expectations and stands out among many candidates at the moment. Coach Walker said, “You will be able to see Pearson who has changed next season 파워볼사이트

The most important thing is to build a body that can withstand the full-time season as a starter. The media said, “Pearson has never pitched more than 101 2이닝3 innings in a season when he came to the professional stage. However, unlike this year, if he faces the spring camp in 100% physical condition, he will be able to compete with Ross Stripling for the fifth starter.”

Pearson is expected to be able to throw up to 99 innings next season, but Toronto will look a little further ahead and use him as a full-time starter. Even if there is an inning limit next season, he will be able to throw 110 to 125 innings if he enters the starting rotation. Pearson added, “I’ve often disappointed Toronto fans, but if 2022 becomes a year of leap forward, Toronto’s starters will be considered strong in the entire Major League beyond the strongest in the world.”

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