Can I get rid of the scar on my buttocks? woman


Can I get rid of the scar on my buttocks?


Q: I’m a mid-teenage woman. Two months ago, I went to the dermatologist because I had acne and hair follicles on my face. He gave me a shot in the buttocks.

I have a needle scar on my butt now. It’s not too bad, but there’s a slight scar. Will it get better with time? Do I need surgery?

A: It looks like a scar caused by muscle injection. In the case of needle scar, it’s better to take some time to watch. If you need to remove it right away, you need to resect and suture the area around the flesh with needle marks, which can also leave some traces.

The needle-shaped scar is usually a convex type of keloid, or dot-shaped scar caused by pigment entering the needle.

If the injection caused a dent scar, it may have been caused by inflammation.

You can’t completely remove a single scar. Instead, saliva treatment can soften the scar and make the stomach feel full. It is recommended that you visit the hospital for counseling because the hip area has thick skin and high fat. If it’s a scar on your face or acne, you can get acupuncture effects.

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