I gave him the most promising player free of charge


I gave him the most promising player free of charge. Valencia fans are furious at Lee Kang-in’s transfer.


Valencia fans were very angry at Lee Kang-in’s (20) transfer.

Valencia agreed on the 29th to terminate his contract with Lee Kang-in, who has a contract period left, and release him free of charge. Lee Kang-in remains in Spanish professional football and is likely to join Majorca.

Lee Kang-in left a long letter on his social media on the 29th, officially announcing his breakup with Valencia. Lee Kang-in said, “I came to Spain to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional soccer player in 2011. He grew up as a human being in Valencia. I say goodbye to Valencia and its fans with respect.”

The news of Lee Kang-in’s transfer, which was considered Valencia’s future, turned fans upside down. Lee Kang-in’s long Korean letter to his fans has also been translated into Spanish and circulated on social media. Fans were even more angry at the fact that Valencia did not give Lee Kang-in a proper chance, and that Lee Kang-in’s opposition paid nothing.

“Lee Kang-in came to Valencia at the age of 10 and left at the age of 20. He was the best prospect I’ve ever seen with Isco in Valencia’s youth history. But he left without any strings attached. I’m really angry,” he wrote. Most of the fans agreed with this, too 토토사이트

Premier League Wolverhampton and Newcastle also showed interest in Lee Kang-in. However, Lee Kang-in is reportedly choosing to travel to Majorca to stay in Spain.

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