Jang Min-ho, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae Shocked


Jang Min-ho, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae Shocked at Possibility of Corona Confirmed Sex Function


Singer Jang Min-ho, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, and Kim Hee-jae were shocked when they said, “If the coronavirus 19 is confirmed, gender functions can also be problematic.”

In TV Chosun’s “Ppongsoonga Academy,” which aired on the 18th, trot men met with experts from various fields to solve various health-related rumors and questions.

“It is important to increase immunity to the coronavirus situation,” the boom said. “Today’s class is a wise immune life,” he said, introducing experts. Each person began to ask questions about the appearance of a urologist.

Young-tak asked, “Do you have any habits that reduce your energy?” The specialist said, “Basically, drinking, smoking, overwork and stress are not good. “The good thing is that there’s satisfactory sex.”

Jang Min-ho, who had been confirmed to be coronavirus 19, asked, “Does confirmed coronavirus cause sexual function problems?” The specialist gave a shocking answer, “There is a possibility.” In response, Jang Min-ho, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, and Kim Hee-jae, who had been confirmed to be in the coronavirus 19, bowed their heads, while Lim Young-woong and Lim Yoon-sung raised their arms and were delighted.

“There is only a possibility,” the specialist said in the members’ “We are still working on it because it is the latest disease,” he added quickly. “One of the studies was that some biopsy of people with complications from coronavirus detected the coronavirus in penile tissue,” he said. “There was only a possibility that it could have negative effects in many processes related to erection.” The members looked relieved at the detailed explanation.

Lim Young-woong asked, “What food is good for the prostate?” The specialist said, “There are tomatoes and broccoli. I like to stop drinking the most. Then, Jang Min-ho said, “I can eat tomatoes and broccoli as a side dish,” and Boom said, “I have to eat one field.”

I also had time to resolve rumors. In response to the story, “If you have thick thighs, you have good energy?” he said, “That’s true.” He replied, “Exercise hard so that your thighs get thicker and muscle mass increases, and your blood flow increases, of course, he said 부산출장안마

Boom asked, “Can wearing a mask cause erectile dysfunction?” and the specialist quickly added, “In the usual sense, it is not completely impossible.”

“If there is a disruption in the supply of oxygen through the mask, it can lead to erectile dysfunction. Ordinary people who do not have respiratory problems have no effect.

Kim Hee-jae asked, “Does the eel tail have a stamina-boosting effect?” The specialist explained, “Since the eel is high in protein, it can go around and improve stamina, but there is no particular nutrient in the tail.”

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