Tottenham is likely to renew their three-year contract


Tottenham is likely to renew their three-year contract with automatic door defense Dyer


Tottenham are set to renew their contract with Eric Dyer.

Britain’s Evening Standard reported on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) that “Diary is discussing a new three-year contract renewal as it enters the final season of the contract.”

Dyer is an English defender but interestingly started his career at Sporting Lisbon. Dyer, who showed good potential in Sporting, newly settled in Tottenham in 2014.

After moving to Tottenham, Dyer quickly strengthened his position as the main player. He has become a key player in the team by showing steady performance in various positions such as center back, right fullback, and defensive midfielder. He continued to play so well that there were rumors of a transfer to Manchester United.

However, Dyer has not regained his full performance since suffering a hernia injury. Dyer, who began to be used as a center back again, was shaken when Jose Mourinho was in charge, but after Antonio Conte took office, he became the main player again.

Despite Conte’s belief, Dyer’s skills have regressed. This is evidenced by the team’s defensive record. Last season, the second-strongest defense after Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea is similar to the teams that are in the relegation zone this season. He allowed 59 runs in 36 games. He has more than 1.6 runs per game.

The overall balance of the team may also be problematic because the team’s teamwork is more important than the individual’s ability in defense, but Tottenham is considered to be too low in the center back’s ability. Except for Christian Romero, it is true that there are no competitive players in the top Premier League (EPL) teams.

In particular, it is Dyer who is mentioned every time he points out a defense problem. Dyer showed good defense until last season, but his defense concentration often decreases this season. There have also been several scenes that could be misunderstood as if the defender was sitting on the sidelines of the opponent’s striker’s breakthrough due to his inactive defense. The ability to spray passes from the back is not bad, but the defender is basically unable to defend, exposing the problem.

Many point out that Tottenham needs to change its defense if it wants to take the lead in competition with other EPL big clubs and win the championship. Son Heung-min and Harry Kane are players who are not inferior to any European club. On the other hand, there are no world-class players in defense. Since Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen left, the reality that proper defensive reinforcement has not been made has been revealed 토토추천사이트

Gabriel Agbonraher, who has a lot of experience in the Premier League (EPL) while playing for Aston Villa in the past, also said, “I like Dyer. However, if Tottenham wants to challenge to win the Premier League (EPL) and play in the European Champions League (UCL) every year, Dyer is not the defender Tottenham needs, he said

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