Explanation of the Soyeon Kim boiler episode

Lee Sang-woo

Explanation of the Soyeon Kim boiler episode I feel sorry for Lee Sang-woo

Lee Sang-woo

Actor Soyeon Kim explained about the boiler episode.

On the 7th, Soyeon Kim reassured worried fans, saying, “Lee Sang-woo, who takes care of and cares for my health the most than anyone else.”

Earlier, Soyeon Kim appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” which aired on the 3rd, and released a boiler episode with Lee Sang-woo. At the time, he said, “Lee Sang-woo didn’t turn on the boiler to raise me strong. In order for Lee Sang-woo not to feel sad in the cold outside, he had a belief that the indoor temperature should be maintained at an appropriate temperature to not feel sad,” he said.

“But these days, I have a day to turn on the boiler. I’m so cold that I want to play it from the end of September or October, but Lee Sang-woo said he couldn’t. “But my birthday is November 2nd, so I said I would turn on the boiler that day, and actually, as soon as we woke up on my birthday last year, I turned on the boiler at the count of three,” he said.

“The good thing about this is that as you get older, your birthday doesn’t mean much, but you don’t know how long you waited for your birthday last year.” I thought there were good things about it

The boiler episode of Soyeon Kim and Lee Sang-woo caused a lot of laughter at the time of the broadcast. However, some fans were worried about Soyeon Kim, who is sensitive to the cold, and Soyeon Kim began to explain himself to reassure fans.

Soyeon Kim said, “For my health, let’s develop immunity with proper exercise rather than too early heating, and turn it on in early November.” For fun, from November 2nd, my birthday! I think I’m staying healthier thanks to that,” he said. “Actually (Lee Sang-woo) doesn’t really like the warmness of the house.” “I’m sorry that I’m spending every fall and winter warmly because of me,” he confessed.

The Soyeon Kim said, “I lacked expression because of my poor speaking skills. Last year’s birthday was such a fun memory… Thank you for your concern.”

Meanwhile, Soyeon Kim is starring in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Nine Tailed Fox 1938

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