Seo Chae-hyun, the first rock queen of the Olympics

Seo Chae hyun

Seo Chae-hyun, the first rock queen of the Olympics

Seo Chae hyun

Climbing Genius, Second Kim Ja-in, Shindong, Human Spider….

Seo Chae-hyun (18 years old, Shin Jeong-go), a member of the Korean national sports climbing team, stood out early on, adding these brilliant modifiers. But behind it lies a bloody effort. Even before entering elementary school, Seo Chae-hyun’s ten fingers, which had rock walls, were peeled off countless times and her fingerprints were invisible. Seo Chae-hyun will challenge for her first Olympic medal with ten fingers who have endured a hard time together.

Seo Chae-hyun will advance to the final round of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Sports Climbing Women’s Combine to be held at Aomi Urban Sports Park in Tokyo on the 6th and challenge for the first medalist. The sport climbing combine event was the first official event in the Olympics.

Sports climbing is generally divided into three categories of speed bouldering leads to determine the winner in each event, but this time, all three events will be played to determine the overall ranking. The lower the score, the better, because the ranking of each event multiplies to determine the medal.

Speed is a sport that climbs a 15-meter-high slope quickly, and Bouldering is a sport that passes four courses consisting of various artificial structures on a 4.5-meter-high rock wall without a seat belt. Reed is a sport that competes for who climbs the 15-meter rock wall higher within six minutes of the time limit, and gets high scores only when many holds installed on the structure are touched in the process of climbing 파워볼사이트

Seo Chae-hyun has a weak speed among the three events, but has strong lead and bouldering. In the preliminary round on the 4th, he ranked 17th → 5th → 1st in the order of speed-bouldering and lead, scoring 85 points in total and ranking second overall. In particular, he touched 40 holds to overwhelm the runner-up (33). If you do well in relatively weak speed events, you can win medals.

Seo Chae-hyun earlier made her name known as the successor of Korean sports climbing signage Kim Ja-in. She topped the Asian Youth Championships in 2018. Seo Chae-hyun, who turned 16 the following year, debuted on the senior stage of the International Sports Climbing Federation (IFSC) and won six World Cups four times, rising to the top of the lead world rankings. He is the youngest and only teenager among the eight finalists at the Olympics.

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