cause of post-neurotherapy pain


cause of post-neurotherapy pain


Neurotherapy is very difficult for both the patient and the dentist I don’t want to get rid of it and tie it up. Ichiro doesn’t want to do it all at once, but it’s a treatment that makes you tired of time and causes pain, so it’s a treatment that patients have a hard time with Our nerves aren’t dead inside, so there’s a part next to it that says it’s not a peripheral tube or a microsy nerve

In fact, the neurology that a dentist can treat is not dead, and you can’t completely remove the nearby tube or neurology So, there are many cases where you dissolve these parts with disinfectants or wait for natural healing Each child has a different shape, and most importantly, the temperature difference of the nerve at the start of nerve treatment, whether it was in July when the nerve was contaminated or when the nerve treatment was still clean, so the scientific pain in the nerve treatment process varies so much

It’s hard to say that there’s a big problem because the previous treatment and the current treatment are different There are cases where pain occurs during nerve treatment, first of all, there are cases where pain occurs during nerve treatment, and when I go home after nerve treatment, I get sick, so I’m completely done with caring, so I even use it, but there are cases where pain occurs The pain that occurs when you treat it can cause pain because you’re touching the nerves

In that case, there are many cases where the death tube remains, so if you proceed with anesthesia, you can treat it without pain And as you asked me, it didn’t hurt because I was anesthetized, but it hurts the next day. No matter how much we removed the neurology and disinfected it, it hurt and treated it, so if we have an appendectomy, the appendix might fall off, but the tissue around it might hurt Like that, even if you do neurotreatment to get rid of dead sputum, it’s a part of the area, so there’s a possibility of loss next time for other things

In that case, you can get some help by taking medicine, and if the pain is so severe that it doesn’t work even after taking painkillers, you’d better tell your dentist to take antibiotics with you And the nerve treatment is completely over, so you can use it to cover it up, and then you might get sick again, and in that case, you might have a small crack in your tooth, causing inflammation of some of the tiny remaining microtubules, or you might be worried

In that case, you can get additional treatment through re-neurotic therapy, my eldest daughter’s haircut, or dental transplantation if my condition is not very good, so you can trust the doctor to treat it. Even if there’s a little pain left, you don’t have to worry too much

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