TikToker Gwangri “Kim Chae-yeon, School Violence..Distortion..


TikToker Gwangri “Kim Chae-yeon, School Violence..Distortion..”I’m sorry”. Apologize all of course.

Gwang-ri, known as TikToker, apologized for Kim Chae-yeon’s distorted claims of school violence.


Gwang-ri recently revealed on her SNS that she was ostracized by a group of Kim Chae-yeon when she was in middle school, and she claimed school violence by saying, “Chae-yeon is disgusting to pretend to be close to Chae-yeon.”

Among them, Gwang-ri suddenly apologized through her personal SNS, saying, “I apologize to Kim Chae-yeon, and all the slang and insults that Kim Chae-yeon told me to deliver were sent falsely by her friend.” He bowed his head, saying, “I have a heart to reflect on Kim Chae-yeon, who must have caused a lot of concern due to me, and I am very sorry to make the new starter come into such a scandal.”

Meanwhile, Kim Chae-yeon made her debut as a girl group Busters, attracting attention with her cute appearance and refreshing charm. In particular, he has been loved by expanding his activities in various ways, including the MC of EBS’s “Live Broadcast Talk! Talk! Boni Hani” and acting.

Recently selected as a new member of ‘Triple S’, an idol of all possibilities, he said, “I’m grateful to everyone who must have been curious about me a little bit. “I wanted to prepare hard and appear in a cool way,” he said adding, “I’m excited, nervous and nervous.” He also conveyed his dream, saying, “As it is a new challenge, my goal is to show a brighter appearance.”

Here’s the full text of Kwangri’s SNS.

Hello, I’m Gwangri.

First, I apologize to Kim Chaeyeon of Triple-A.

The slangs and insults that Kim Chaeyeon told me to deliver,

All of them were sent by Kim Chaeyeon’s friend.

I received an apology from the person who sent it to me falsely for what happened.

I’ve been traumatized for four years by

Recently, I saw Kim Chaeyeon in the media, so I wrote a comment like that’s why.

I have a heart to reflect on Kim Chae-yeon, who must have caused a lot of concern because of me.

I’m so sorry to put you in this trouble with the new starter.

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