Choi Jun-hee of ‘-44kg’, worsening lupus disease, “increase steroids

Choi Jun-hee of ‘-44kg’, worsening lupus disease, “increase steroids…””I get swollen every day”. Choi Jun-hee, the daughter of mother Choi Jin-sil, made a surprise announcement about the worsening of lupus disease. On the 18th, Choi Joon-hee posted a video on her personal YouTube channel under the title of “VLOG & 더 읽기

TikToker Gwangri “Kim Chae-yeon, School Violence..Distortion..

TikToker Gwangri “Kim Chae-yeon, School Violence..Distortion..”I’m sorry”. Apologize all of course. Gwang-ri, known as TikToker, apologized for Kim Chae-yeon’s distorted claims of school violence. Gwang-ri recently revealed on her SNS that she was ostracized by a group of Kim Chae-yeon when she was in middle school, and she claimed school 더 읽기

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