“Proving fairness”. Will “Boys Planet” recreate Wanna One’s syndrome..

Boys Planet

“Proving fairness”. Will “Boys Planet” recreate Wanna One’s syndrome with Gen Z trainees?

Mnet will showcase its new boy group audition “Boys Planet.” Attention is focusing on whether “Boys Planet,” which emphasizes fairness this season, will once again capture the hearts of viewers and recreate Wanna One’s glory.

Boys Planet

On the morning of the 2nd, the online production presentation of “Boys Planet” was broadcast live on Mnet’s YouTube channel. Producer Kim Shin-young, PD Ko Jung-kyung, and expert masters Lee Seok-hoon, Solji, Lim Han-byul, Baek Gu-young, and Choi Young-joon attended the meeting.

“Boys Planet” is an audition in which a K group of Korean trainees and a G group of global trainees gather to challenge the debut of a global K-pop boy group. It is a follow-up program to “Girls Planet 999: Girls’ Competition” (hereinafter referred to as “Girls Planet”) that created girl group Kepler in 2021. Lee Seok-hoon, Solji, Lim Han-byul, pH-1, Baek Gu-young, Lip J, and Choi Young-joon will participate as expert masters.

Unlike “Girls Planet,” where participants were limited to Korea, China, and Japan, this season has expanded around the world and has been applied by those who dream of becoming K-pop idols in a total of 84 countries and regions. Among them, a total of 95 people, including 47 from K Group and 48 from G Group, will join the “Boys Planet” journey. Among them, many idols with debut experience, including Pentagon Hui, UP10TION Xiao Hwan-hee, T.O. One former Woonggi, and Jerome, also drew attention by announcing their appearance.

Mnet, which previously introduced idol audition programs several times, was controversial after it was caught manipulating votes in the past. For this reason, what the Boyz Planet emphasized the most is the fairness of the vote.

Producer Kim Shin-young said, “For the first time in the program to receive votes, independent external organizations will join us. It introduces a system in which external agencies participate in all voting processes and verification procedures. We are trying to secure fairness by separating the production and voting processes,” he stressed. “We are trying to block abusing voting with digital finger fritting technology. In addition, we will be in charge of all verification procedures from real-time monitoring and independent external institutions mentioned.

Viewers’ votes have also become more important compared to “Girls Planet.” Producer Kim Shin-young said, “Unlike ‘Girls Planet,’ the debut group will be decided by 100% of the viewers’ votes.” Last season, if Korea, China and Japan held three group votes, this time the vote will be held regardless of group. That much, viewers’ votes have a decisive impact,” he explained.

Without a host leading the entire program, a system in which star masters participate in each mission will also be introduced for the first time in “Boys Planet.” The first star master is Hwang Min-hyun from NU’EST, who appeared in Mnet’s audition “Produce 101 Season 2” and was selected as Wanna One.

Producer Kim Shin-young said, “Hwang Min-hyun made a successful re-debut through the Mnet audition program. “We invited Hwang Min-hyun as a star master with the mind that we can work hard,” he said adding, “There are many trainees who think of Hwang Min-hyun as a role model.” “The trainees cheered and liked the scene where we met for the first time,” he said. “Each mission has its own characteristics. We will invite star masters as symbolic figures to represent the mission,” he added.

The highlight of ‘Boys Planet’ is the confidence of Generation Z trainees. Producer Kim Shin-young said, “I have never encountered Generation Z with so many people. Everyone has a very challenging and enterprising attitude. It’s very different from my old friends. “It was impressive to see him proudly showing what he prepared in front of the masters and even when he was performing,” he said.

Competition between K Group and G Group will also add to the fun of the program. Baek Gu-young said, “Trainees from K group and G group compete in a team, and this serves as a facilitator to make the program more fun and improve each other’s skills.”

He declined to comment on the number of people in the final debut group and the direction of his activities. Producer Ko Jung-kyung said, “Please check the number of people in the debut team through the broadcast. He said, “The direction of the activity has not been decided yet.”

The masters showed their affection for the trainees and asked for a lot of attention. Lee Seok-hoon, who previously participated in a number of Mnet audition programs, including the “Produce” series, expressed his determination to “try to play a role that can help children as always.”

“Boys Planet” will air for 12 weeks starting at 8 p.m. on the same day.

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