Things you can do with your toothbrush Remove carpet stains


Things you can do with your toothbrush.


Remove carpet stains

Is there a carpet in the house? Did the children spill juice? Even if it’s not children, carpets are stained. It doesn’t come off easily even if you steal it with a duster, right? Then try wiping it with a toothbrush. It’s much easier to erase than you think. First, drop some stain remover on the carpet. Then rub it gently like a circle. Wipe the water like paper towels 비아그라효능

Cleaning Decorative Items

There’s a lot of dust on the figureheads in the display case, right? It’s hard to clean up the dust in every corner, right? That’s what toothbrushes are for. Try using a toothbrush. You can easily remove dirt and oil stains from the cracks.

Remove the crayons drawn on the wall

Kids can see all the walls of the house with crayons in their hands. Crayons can’t be erased easily with a dry duster or a wet duster. Then try brushing your teeth. Apply some toothpaste or shaving foam on your toothbrush and rub it. After that, wipe it with paper towels.

Hairdryer to remove dust from car air conditioning vents

When you use a dryer, lint and dust stick together in the ventilation shaft, right? The same goes for car air conditioners. The dryer and the air conditioner ventilation, and the wind from there is easy to touch your face. If the hole is small and difficult to clean, try using a toothbrush. I’m good at wiping every corner. Don’t forget that you have to do the dryer after unplugging it.

Remove dust from your computer keyboard

If I try to use a public computer in a library or something, can I get my eyes on the keyboard? I don’t want to use it when it’s full of dust. It’s not just a public computer keyboard. If you don’t wipe it well, it’s easy to get dust because of the keyboard. Try a dry toothbrush on the keyboard. If the keyboard gets clean, the efficiency of the work will increase.

Remove the edge of the sink and the poked drain.

The water gets stuck around the edge of the sink and around the drain, right? It doesn’t erase easily if you steal it with a dishcloth. Especially, it has moisture, so mold and microorganisms grow there. Try using a toothbrush at times like this. Apply some toothpaste on your toothbrush and rub it. It will be erased very clean.

Clean the faucet when it bites

It’s hidden on the bottom, so you can’t see it well, but if you look at it, it’s covered with water stains. Fungi and bacteria will grow, and if it’s a faucet in the kitchen and bathroom, it should be clean. Try brushing your teeth with detergent on your toothbrush. I’m going to wipe it clean. And while you’re at it, put some toothpaste on your toothbrush and rub it all over the faucet. It will shine brightly.

Cleaning grout (lines between tiles such as bathroom, kitchen, etc.)

When you look at bathroom and kitchen tiles, there are many times when the line between tiles gets wet and dirty. Toothbrush is perfect. Put a little detergent or bleach on your toothbrush and brush it along the line. It will be handled neatly.

Cleaning the toaster and oven

Toasters and ovens are easy to get dirty. If you look inside the toaster, there’s a lot of burnt crumbs on it, right? So is the oven. Especially, the oven is used for other dishes besides baking bread, so it is often oily. First, unplug the toaster and oven and turn off the electricity. Next, brush off the burnt crumbs with a dry toothbrush. Then wipe it off with a cleanser. Don’t forget to dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Waffle Machine Cleaning

Waffle machines are popular these days. It must be because children love crispy waffles, and adults also have the scent of bungeoppang. But cleaning is also a hassle. There are many curves, so the stuck crumbs don’t fall off easily. First, try a dry toothbrush everywhere. And put some oil on it. It’s easier to use a toothbrush when you oil it.

Cleaning Cheese Steel Plate

Do you enjoy cheese? Do you mind the cheese powder on the steel plate? It’s also a job to trim each hole with a pointed tool. Clean the steel plate with a dry toothbrush. It will be solved easier than I thought.

When the handle of the refrigerator was poked.

Don’t you want to see the stings on the top and bottom of the refrigerator handle? Not only refrigerators but also home appliances usually do. It’s easy to get dirty on the handles and buttons. Put some detergent on your toothbrush and rub it in every corner. It will be erased neatly.

Cleaning the Espresso Filter

Do you like espresso? Do you use espresso machines or mocha ports? Coffee powder sometimes gets stuck in the filter hole because it is extracted at high pressure, right? It’s a hassle to pierce each one with a pin. Turn the filter upside down and brush your teeth. It’s organized more neatly than I thought. If you have a few left, you can use a pin.

Wipe vegetables

Use a toothbrush for foreign substances that are hard to clean, whether they are salad vegetables, mushrooms, or potatoes. If you rub it gently, the dust and soil between the vegetables leaves will be wiped well and the mushrooms will be wiped well.

Under the fingernails

Did the dirt get stuck under your fingernails while doing the above work? Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of dirty things under your fingernails while working. It’s not a place where you wash your face with water. Put some soap on your toothbrush and gently rub it. I’m going to wipe it very neatly.

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