Park Eun-seok will be sued for 5 million won in alimony

Park Eun-seok

Park Eun-seok will be sued for 5 million won in alimony.

Park Eun-seok

Actor Park Eun-seok has been embroiled in a lawsuit over allegations of spreading false information following the controversy over the sale of pets.

According to a report by TenAsia on the 29th, Park was sued for alimony by the Seoul Northern District Court on December 3 last year. A, who filed a 5 million won compensation claim against Park Eun-seok, told TenAsia that “Park Eun-seok spread false information related to me in a group chat room where theater actors gathered,” adding, “Not only the corresponding writer but also his family has been threatened, and it’s so painful so far.”

“The recent response to the controversy over the wave and the way he did it to me were very similar,” he said. “Park Eun-seok insisted that he was not accused, but he has been clearly filed.”

The conflict between A and Park was first revealed last month. In July 2017, Park Eun-seok revealed A’s real name and phone number, saying, “There is someone who claims to be a ‘casting director’ in Daehak-ro and approaches actors outside the concert hall,” and reportedly filed a lawsuit against Park on charges of spreading false information.

At the time, Hunus Entertainment, Park Eun-seok’s agency, said, “The facts are not clear, and we have not received the director yet, and we will legally respond to the director.”

Introducing himself as a senior and casting director who graduated from the same university as Park Eun-seok, A said, “I lent Park Eun-seok because there was a script that I wanted to see him, and there was an emotional conflict in the process of receiving it.”

He/she said, “Since then, threatening messages have continued with my cell phone, and I finally found out that the first distributor was Park Eun-seok three years after the police report.”

Before responding legally, A contacted Park Eun-seok and said, “I sincerely apologize and want to receive forgiveness,” and added, “I will have no choice but to respond strongly under civil and criminal legal procedures unless I continue to deny and apologize even though there is clear evidence.”

“Since then, the agency has contacted me and expressed its intention to agree on an agreement, and first proposed compensation,” A said. “But it has been delayed for more than five months.” I think Park Eun-seok was cast on SBS’ “Penthouse” at the time, so if he says he was accused, he took the time out of fear of being dropped off,” he said.

In response, Hunus Entertainment said, “We have confirmed the director, and we will request a law firm to a law firm.”

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