Boxy symptoms Miller Fisher’s syndrome mid 20s


Boxy symptoms Miller Fisher’s syndrome


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. A week ago, I first had pain in my right eye. A few days later, he visited the ophthalmologist for abdominal symptoms accompanied by strabismus. He suspected neurology or thyroid. The test is done, but the test does not seem to be thyroid, and B-MRI is okay.

He was tested for suspicion of severe work history and Miller Fisher’s syndrome, but he has not been confirmed because no antibody tests have been conducted.

My hospital doctor says it may not be Miller Fisher’s syndrome. I heard you usually come to both sides. I’m serious when I only look straight at the right eye. First of all, let’s wait and see, but I’m worried that I won’t come back if I don’t get treatment early because I suddenly have a boxy eye and a strabismus.

About eight days have passed since the symptoms appeared, and the test is done for now to see if it’s okay to just do nothing in the early stages. It would be nice to get immunoglobulin, but let’s wait and see if it’s not in that stage yet. I set the next outpatient date to next week, but can I just wait for a week without doing anything?

A: Unless the cause of sudden boxing in a young woman in her 20s is an ophthalmic problem, the above two are the most common. The prognosis is good. (It’s not good for other diseases.) 비아그라 판매

Immunoglobulin is not an easy drug, so even if it is inexpensive, it is forbidden to administer it without a definite diagnosis. This is because sometimes serious side effects occur.

If you are anxious, it is okay to take the test results or medical records of the hospital you have examined and treat them simultaneously with other hospitals. Get university hospital-level treatment rather than a small hospital.

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