There’s a jelly-like semen yellow mass I’m a man


There’s a jelly-like semen yellow mass


Q: I’m a man in my mid-30s. It’s a jelly-like semen. It looks like a yellow lump.

There are no erection or assessment problems at all. It’s been about a year since these symptoms appeared.

I was so worried that I visited the urologist for a checkup. Prostate fluid is clear, and bacteria are not hidden in urine. There’s no problem, is there?

A: There are differences in semen viscosity depending on the frequency of the assessment.

Frequent assessments produce milky, watery semen.

After a long time, semen comes out sticky like jelly. If it comes out as a lump of yellow, you don’t have to worry too much. It’s because there are a lot of sperm.

There won’t be any problems if it doesn’t come out as brown or blood semen. Don’t worry.

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