Whaling surgery, yarn removal shower time I’m a junior


Whaling surgery, yarn removal shower time


Q: I’m a junior high school boy. I did whaling. My doctor said I can take a shower a week after the surgery.

It’s been seven days, but it hasn’t all melted yet. How many times do I take a shower to get rid of the stitches? The thread keeps poking my skin, so it stings.

A: Each person takes a shower after whaling. It is usually recommended to do it after a week, but the timing of the shower varies slightly depending on the degree of recovery of the wound.

There’s also a difference in the time when threads are removed. The melting chamber melts in two to eight weeks. If you take a shower, it will disappear as if you were wondering when 비아그라구매

Over time, the yarn naturally melts, but even after a long period of time, you often hear pain because the yarn cannot be removed after whaling surgery. In that case, I suggest you visit the hospital where you operated, talk to your doctor, and find a solution.

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