15 year crew member Ryu I-seo’s head is complete

15 year

15 year crew member Ryu I-seo’s head is complete Forward heart attack

15 year

When Ryu Yi-seo did the crew’s hair, Jun-jin fell in love again

In SBS’ “Dongsangimong Season 2 – You Are My Destiny,” which aired on August 9, the couple visited the Crew Academy.

Ryu said, “I’m nervous” as he headed to the Crew Academy, and Jun Jin said, “Are you nervous about the Penthouse? Are you nervous about this?” Ryu I-seo, a junior flight attendant, said, “You are still pretty,” expressing expectations, “The students were very excited and happy 여성전용마사지

“I didn’t know I would do this without looking in the mirror,” Ryu said. “I heard that these days, I can do my hair freely, but I feel like a flight attendant.”

Ryu started the class, saying, “I’ll explain how to deal with passenger complaints once,” and he and his husband Jeon Jin staged a complaint situation play.

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