OCD drug Zyfrexa side effect 30kg weight gain


OCD drug Zyfrexa side effect 30kg weight gain


Q: A man in his 20s who is taking 5mg of Lexaprolys and 10mg of Zyfrexazaidis for obsessive compulsion.

It’s no longer effective to eat Lexapro tablets. Why does the medicine that used to fit me suddenly not fit me?

Also, I gained 30kg due to weight gain, a side effect of Zyfrexa. It’s effective, but I’m afraid to eat it because I gained weight rapidly.

I want to try 25mg of cerrokel tablets, and I know that cerrokel tablets and zyfrexa have a substance called clozapine. Will this medicine cause side effects of weight gain?

If Lispedal 0.5mg, Zyfrexa, and Cerockel don’t work for obsessive-compulsive patients, can you prescribe drugs such as 100mg Soli, 2mg Abilipa, and 20mg Zeldox capsules?

A: To use dopamine antagonists, choose between 25 mg Cerockel tablets, 100 mg Cedril tablets, and 200 mg sulfidine tablets. I don’t want to recommend Soli Stabil, Avilipaijeong, or Zeldogscapsules 씨알리스구매

I think it’s better to take a small amount of cerockel tablets or Youngil sulfyrid tablets with additional chloropramine.

For now, you must quickly select an SSRI drug to replace Lexapro while taking Zyfrexa.

Most obsessive-compulsive patients have less side effects, such as weight gain, than Cerockel 25mg.

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