An acquaintance of Yoon Jung-hee also appeared. What horror novel?


An acquaintance of Yoon Jung-hee also appeared. What horror novel?


Amid controversy over her being neglected in Paris, France by pianist Baek Gun-woo and daughter, her husband, Yoon Jung-hee’s acquaintance refuted the claim.

Lee Mi-ah, CEO of echo in Korea, said on her social networking service (SNS) on the 8th, “When I visited Yoon Jung-hee a few months ago, she was living happily and peacefully,” adding, “When I visited, my husband Baek Gun-woo and daughter were also with me.”

He then said, “Yoon Jung-hee used to ask my name again every two to three minutes, but we had a pleasant conversation.” “Until the symptoms worsened, the Yoon Jung-hee couple had a thread-like relationship, but Baek decided to move to the apartment next to his daughter’s residence and take care of her with a professional caregiver,” he explained.

CEO Lee Mi-ah also said, “On the day I visited, my daughter was taking care of my mother by washing her mother, taking care of her lunch, playing music enough to take a nap.” “I am devastated to see the phenomenon of people who have never met the parties or their families writing horror novels far from the facts as if they had been to the scene,” he said, reiterating that the rumor of neglect to Yoon Jung-hee is groundless.

Finally, CEO Lee Mi-ah said, “If anyone is living more comfortably and happily than anyone else right now, it is Yoon Jung-hee.” I would appreciate it if you could cheer me on so that my teacher’s family would not be hurt or mentally damaged,” he said.

Earlier on the 5th, a petition was posted on the Cheong Wa Dae national petition bulletin board titled “Save Yoon Jung-hee, a movie star who is falling day by day, disconnected from the outside world.” The article said, “Yoon Jung-hee is separated from her husband Baek Gun-woo and is fighting Alzheimer’s and diabetes alone in an apartment outside Paris.” “My husband, who has lived in his house for decades, lives in the neighborhood, and my daughter lives nearby, but she is busy with her life and cannot take care of her mother,” he said. “Yoon Jung-hee is struggling alone while being neglected by her spouse and daughter.” “I can’t even go out alone and live like a prison.”

As the petition spread and controversy arose, her husband Baek Gun-woo said, “We confirmed that false information was being spread about Baek Gun-woo and his daughter Baek Jin-hee through the Cheong Wa Dae national petition and online community.” “We hope you will refrain from damaging the character of artists and their families with malicious postings written based on unconfirmed facts.”

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