sorry for making you worry about the controversy over Ahn’s YouTube


I’m sorry for making you worry about the controversy over Ahn’s YouTube subscription.


Actor Ahn Bo-hyun apologized for the controversy over his YouTube subscription.

Ahn announced his official position through his YouTube channel “Bravo Hyun” on the 20th. “I’m sorry for making many people uncomfortable with bad news about the channel. In 2019, when I first opened Bravo Prefecture, I have managed everything, but since the second half of 2020, the manager has been in charge of managing all channels such as uploading and editing videos on my behalf. “In the meantime, I heard that there was a manager’s mistake, and I posted this after checking whether it was true or not.”

“It is my responsibility for not properly operating and managing the ‘Bravohyun’ channel that I created and started. From now on, I will work hard to manage the channel carefully with a deep sense of responsibility. “I am truly sorry to have caused concern to those who watched and cheered for me.”

Recently, an online community released a list of subscriptions for Ahn Bo-hyun’s YouTube channel. There were many channels operated by celebrities such as Baek Jong-won, Kim Jong-kook, Park Seo-joon and Shin Se-kyung, as well as camping-related channels and exercise-related channels. Among them, however, were “Dinga” and “Kim Yong-ho, director of entertainment.”

“Dinga” is a channel that caused controversy over Ferry Sewol-related remarks, while “Kim Yong-ho, the head of entertainment department,” is a channel specializing in celebrity disclosure. There was a flurry of criticism against the security prefecture.

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