The Truman Show, the plot and my thoughts

Truman Show


Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) is an ordinary person working for an insurance company.

He’s not far from his wife, mother, clients, neighbors.

One day, I had a day without an inflection point.

Strange things happen one after another.

Suddenly, lights fall from the sky.

You know, the radio has the wrong frequency, and you hear yourself live.

Watching the back of the elevator with a hole in the back.

It’s a strange to anyone’s eyes

Truman feels something’s wrong, and he knows what the truth is.

Begin to look for.

Another first love, Sylvia, left behind.

I try to find the truth out of the island in all sorts of ways, recalling that everything is fake.

And it turns out people were watching all this on TV?

What is the truth and what is the fake?

Is Truman real?

This movie is from time to time.

Truman is being broadcast live from all over the world.

It’s very explicit, and these scenes are…

It contrasts more with Truman, who lives a normal life without knowing anything.

In a way, things may be a little different,

I wondered if celebrities would feel that way.

Someone knows you.

I don’t know that.

The pressure and pressure that comes as soon as you recognize it

Truman knows who he is.

When you feel you’ve been observed,

How did he feel?

a always bright-colored scene with almost no night in the movie.

Everyone seems to be harmonious, but they’re in a coordinated line of movements.

oddly similar houses

a routine that never changes and rolls like a wheel.

These scenes, along with theatrical elements, 토토커뮤니티

It makes me feel that this place is fake.

movie에 게시되었습니다

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