Affordable phone industry, with iPhone 12 Affordable

Apple’s first 5G smartphone “iPhone 12” series is creating strong synergy as it meets MVNO, which is a strong feature of its low-cost plan.

According to the Al Ddeul phone industry on the 7th, the number of subscribers who combine LTE plans with the iPhone 12 series has increased recently, making it a good son.

LG U+ (032640) has seen a 4.5-fold increase in the number of customers who bought self-contained iPhone handsets in November and subscribed to the U+ thrift phone plan. SK Telink, a subsidiary of SK Telecom (017670), also saw its average number of new LTE unlimited rate system increase by about 20 percent in November from the previous month, while KT M Mobile, a KT (030200) subsidiary, saw its average number of LTE high-capacity rate subscribers rise 50.3 percent in November from the previous month. Most of the high-capacity LTE plan customers of SK Telink and KT M Mobile are those who bought the iPhone 12 series on a self-sufficiency basis and subscribed to the relatively low-cost LTE plan.

Industries believe that marketing that is prepared for iPhone 12 release has produced ‘iPhone effect’. LG U+ has carried out ‘iPhone Honey Combination’ promotions with 10 U+ Al Ddeul Phone operators (Medialog, LG Hello Vision Hello Mobile, Big Man, Enex Telecom, S1, Yeop Telecom, Seokyeong Broadcasting, INSCOB, Smartel, and IzVision).안전놀이터 It provides ‘Apple Fee System’ that applies a special discount for a limited period. It will also present all of its customers with Apple’s original 20W charger adapter and TUVA repair fee coupon, and hold a prize event. Media Log provides insurance premiums for iPhone-only loss and damage insurance for up to six months, while large people provide insurance premiums for lost or damaged iPhones for up to 12 months. SK Telink and KT M Mobile are also providing special rates and charging adapters.

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