Lee Jung-jae’s 45.6 billion won survival Netflix squid game

Lee Jung-jae

Lee Jung-jae’s 45.6 billion won survival Netflix squid game unveiled Sept

Lee Jung-jae

Netflix’s “Squid Game” has confirmed its release on September 17.

Netflix released a teaser poster and teaser video on the 11th, saying, “The new original series ‘Squid Game’ will open on the 17th of next month.”

“Squid Game” is a Netflix series about people who participate in a mysterious survival game with a prize of 45.6 billion won risking their lives to become the final winner.

The teaser poster captures the eye with a man in a green training suit, a man in a pink uniform, and a large box with a pink ribbon on it, with a copy of “45.6 billion won, destroying adult childhood innocence,” and a circle, triangle, square on the ground. Every time information on how the play, which symbolized childhood memories, will bring adults to a corner in the series, is released, curiosity grows.

The first teaser trailer released together raises tension as participants risk their lives to play the game. The 456 participants, who are gathered at the edge of the cliff, run for 45.6 billion won, one game a day. The cost of failing the game is one’s own life, and only one person who survives until the end will take over everything. It makes me wonder how people of various ages, jobs, and stories came to participate in the game, and who is hosting this huge game.

Also, the lively colors and friendly spaces and the intense contrast created by the participants’ Abigilance make us look forward to the unique visuals and stories that the “Squid Game” will showcase.

At the same time as the production announcement, “Squid Game” drew a lot of attention with its unconventional titles, materials, huge scale, trustworthy production crew and actors. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who was recognized for his various stories and deep theme consciousness, was directed through films such as “Namhansanseong Fortress,” “Suspicious Woman,” and “The Crucible.” Modern society, driven by extreme competition, has been combined with childhood memory games to reveal a new story with outspoken imagination 광주호스트바

On top of this, Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Oh Young-soo, Wi Ha-joon, Jung Ho-yeon, Heo Sung-tae, Anupam, and Kim Joo-ryeong vividly depict the psychology and story of various characters who had no choice but to participate in the game.

The “Squid Game” will be released on Netflix to more than 190 countries around the world on Sept. 17.

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