I’m watching the original TVING. Crime scene in CCTV


I’m watching the original TVING. Crime scene in CCTV


Tving’s new original “I’m Watching” has a strong impact this summer.

“I’m Watching,” which will be released in August, is a realistic Crime Factual drama that deals with the background of the crime and will showcase a new composition expressed in CCTV format.

The poster of “I’m Watching” released stands out from the back of a figure looking at CCTV footage contained in numerous monitors. In particular, on the poster, it raises curiosity as it can be a decisive clue and the current status of crime in our society, “About 10 million CCTVs in Korea,” “A total of 1,300 crimes per day,” “What we know is only 1%,” and “Truth of the day we were caught.”

The program name “I’m Watching” also has a significant meaning, including the view of criminals targeting victims and the capture of crime scenes watched by society. Criminals are watching their victims, but CCTV cameras everywhere are filming the criminals, which gives some fear and relief to others.

Therefore, no matter how stealthy and meticulous the crime is, we plan to point out and deliver what should never be overlooked as “crimes and victims from somewhere are eventually being watched by this society.”

“I’m Watching,” a unique form of Crime Factual drama that I’ve never seen anywhere, will be released on TV in August.

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