The player who handed Cristiano Ronaldo seven times, said, “How can

Cristiano Ronaldo

The player who handed Cristiano Ronaldo seven times, said, “How can I not give it to him?”

Cristiano Ronaldo

How did the player who handed over his uniform number 7 to Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) feel?

Britain’s “Sports Bible” quoted Britain’s “Daily Mail” on the 7th and drew attention by delivering an interview with Zalolidine Marsalipov (30, Al Nasr), who passed the number 7 when Ronaldo joined Al Nasr.

Uzbekistan national team Masharipov left Fakhtakor Tashkent FK in January 2021 and joined Al Nasr. Masha Lipov was loaned to Shabab al-Ahli Dubai before joining Al-Nasr in June of that year.

Marsha Lipov, who had been wearing a uniform number 7 all the time while entering the Middle East, had to change it to 77 when Ronaldo joined Al Nasr.

“When Ronaldo arrived, many people spread rumors that I was leaving the team,” Marsha Lipov told Russia’s ‘’. “Everything was fake news,” he looked back.

As Cristiano Ronaldo came, someone had to leave the team to empty the full foreign quota. One of the candidates was Marsha Lipov. However, Bensang Abubakar (31, Besiktas) left and Masharipov remained at Al-Nasr.

He then said, “Before Ronaldo came, many people asked me, ‘Will you give him No. 7?’ How can you not give it to me? He said, “Ronaldo,” adding, “It was natural to give up his uniform number.”

In particular, Marsha Lipov said, “Such a player should always be respected. After giving my number, many people guessed that I would leave the team. I have no problem giving my number. There was no talk of a transfer either. “Both the club and the manager wanted to see me on the team,” he stressed.

Marsha Lipov also said, “I have a contract with this team. I just changed my number because Ronaldo came, he said. “Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world. He strongly insisted that Ronaldo’s joining did not have much impact on his position, saying, “There is no need to talk much.”

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