It’s the Italian who calls you. You can play Trequartista


It’s the Italian who calls you. You can play Trequartista.


Italy’s interest in Lee Kang-in (20, Valencia) is hot.

Italy’s Football Italy reported on the 3rd (Korea time) that “Sampdoria is interested in Lee Kang-in, the Korean national team, who is trying to end his contract with Valencia.”

Spanish media “Superte” and Italian media “Sporte Media Set” also explained, “Sampdoria was the last to approach Valencia to recruit a 20-year-old creative midfielder.”

Rumors of Lee Kang-in’s transfer are on fire again. This is because the 2020 Tokyo Olympics schedule is over. Lee Kang-in also said in an interview last month, “It doesn’t matter whether he has a career or a team transfer. I will focus only on the Olympics,” he said. “I will decide on my future course after the Olympics.

After completing his Olympic schedule, Lee Kang-in returned home with the athletes on the 2nd. He will soon return to Spain to make a decision about his future.

Interest in Lee Kang-in is hot. In particular, Italy-related transfer rumors are pouring in. Before the Olympics, it was connected to AC Milan, Naples and Fiorentia.

“Lee Kang-in can play as a Trequartista,” said Football Italy. We can also support aggressive roles as right and left winger. Trequartista can be translated directly into Italian as ‘a man of three-quarters’, usually referring to an attacking midfielder.

The most recent transfer rumor is Sampdoria. Coach Roberto Daversa, who took the new baton, is considering recruiting Lee Kang-in as part of a team reshuffle.

Of course, there is a stumbling block to Lee Kang-in’s trip to Sampdoria. Sampdoria is said to be dreaming of recruiting Lee Kang-in through trade, but Valencia only wants a cash transfer.

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