the physiological effects of bamboo killing The bamboo


the physiological effects of bamboo killing


The bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It grows 200 times faster than normal trees, and bamboo shoots begin to rise from mid-May to early June, and they finish growing in 30 to 50 days, and the stem becomes solid and yellow as the years go by. In this regard, there is this phrase in “The Scenic Area.” “What do you grow most in the year of vegetation when you see the congregation?” “What do you grow most in the year?” “The congregation said, ‘The energy is special to all, so it will be bitter.'” (Fortunately, the Great of this year did not grow well.”

Bamboo fruit is called bamboo thread, and legend has it that the phoenix does not grow unless it is a paulownia, and does not eat it unless it is a bamboo thread. Since ancient times, bamboo has been believed to have mysterious spiritual power as the plant where the Divine Spirit resides. Cheongjuk was built to see it as a body or as a place of God’s descent, and a typical example of it was a shrine used by shamans as a channel for the descent of the spirits 정품비아그라

Bamboo shoots are high-end foods with many nutrients and unique fibers. Maengjongjuk is a bamboo tree grown mainly to eat bamboo shoots. In places where Maengjongjuk grows a lot, there is a saying, “When you taste bamboo shoots, you can break down the list.” Maengjongjuk comes from the name of a filial son in China. Once upon a time in China, there was a man named Maengjong, who was very devoted to filial piety, and his old mother became ill and refused to eat any other food and wanted to eat bamboo shoots. Maengjong kneeled down in the snow-covered bamboo shoots and prayed to the Heaven and Earth God for the bamboo shoots to rise, and it was said that some bamboo shoots rose from the snowfield to see if the sky was touched by Maengjong’s filial piety. After that, it was called Maengjongjuk.

Bamboo has a powerful vitality. The only thing that survived in Hiroshima, where the atomic bomb was dropped during World War II, was bamboo, and the bamboo survived the defoliant spraying during the Vietnam War. Bamboo is as effective as its tenacious vitality. In particular, bamboo leaves contain many medicinal ingredients that are beneficial to the human body, as they have been used as natural medicine for a long time in a single room.

The bat is cold in nature. The cold nature lowers the heat in the body and relieves the heart from the heat. Among the many bamboo products, royal bamboo and cooking rods have been used as medicine, and bamboo bark, bamboo oil, bamboo leaves and bamboo dust are used as medicine.

All the short bamboo growing in the mountains is called mountain porridge, which is a common dish. Choi Jin-gyu, a herbalist, writes in his book that all-around herbs are effective in all kinds of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, gastric ulcers, and hepatitis, and can not only take out toxins from the body and urinate well, but also become a cure for unrecipitation because natural sulfur works strongly. As it is said that the cooking table is the best for hwabyeong, it is good to drink tea with the leaves of the cooking stand to beat the summer heat or to beat the heat.

There’s something like this in private slandering. Someone was dying of a severe general bruise. The white medicine was invalid, but the neighbor said it was a precious medicine and took the potion every week, and he soon recovered. The potion is said to be good for drinking with no smell and a clear water inside the joint due to osmotic pressure if bamboo sticks are soaked for several months in a traditional toilet bowl without rainwater. The water trapped in the barrel is good for fish blood, bruises, and fractures. In “The Scene of War”, the monk took a little bit of urine when he was hit by a pure sword and made the meritorious retainer eat it. It is also recorded that the meritorious retainer was recovered a little later, based on the slander of the people.

Bamboo does not shed its leaves even when the sea is freezing, and does not dry even if it is hot enough to melt iron. It’s blue and fresh, so it hasn’t changed in all four seasons, and it’s always looking feminine. Since ancient times, the superior man loved bamboo and made it the subject of poetry and ink paintings, and tried to imitate his spirit.

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