Even if it’s itchy and stinging, be careful with the use of ointment


Even if it’s itchy and stinging, be careful with the use of ointment


Q: A woman in her early 20s. Last summer, I received completely cured treatment. At that time, I applied eco-ron cream for a few weeks because the vulva and conspiracy tickled and tingled. It’s been better since then, but since this spring, my vulva has been tingling and itchy again.

A few months ago, I had a no-con situation with my boyfriend in a messy motel. I remember being shocked to see some Grima (money bugs) walking around the room at the time, so I doubted that they might have been caught in a slope. I observed the conspiracy in a bright place. Fortunately, there were no bugs or eggs, but maybe because I scratched a lot, the red spots appeared dark along with the dead skin cells.

Should I go back to the hospital? Or should I use a female cleanser or vaginal cleanser? For your information, wash thoroughly whenever it’s itchy and dry it with a hair dryer.

A: You need to be examined at the hospital to know exactly if you have a slope. It may be vulinitis. The disease occurs through bacteria such as viruses, Candida, and tricomonas.

Symptoms will be relieved within a week if you visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic to find the exact causative agent and receive proper treatment. If infected through chlamydia, if left untouched, the fallopian tubes may become inflamed and infertile 씨알리스파는곳

Self-treatment with vaginal cleansers and vulva cleansers can make the disease chronic and more difficult to treat, so care should be taken in using them.

Please visit the nearest obstetrics and gynecology clinic as soon as possible for treatment.

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