No post-pregnancy bleeding uterine defendant menstruation yet


No post-pregnancy bleeding uterine defendant menstruation yet


Q: It’s been five weeks since the abortion. A week after the abortion, I went to the gynecologist for an ultrasound, and there’s a uterine defendant.No, I didn’t say much.

Two days after the disinfection, I bled for three days, but it certainly wasn’t menstruation. Did all the blood in the uterus drain out? I’m so worried that it could cause uterine adhesion due to the blood hardening due to uterine defendant.

I don’t have my period yet after the abortion, but is my menstrual schedule delayed?

A: The next scheduled menstruation date after an abortion usually depends on the number of weeks of pregnancy at the time of termination.

The menstrual cycle is reset. Given that the day of surgery is the start of a new menstruation, it is usually a few days behind the new scheduled menstruation date for early pregnancy abortions. The more irregular your menstruation or pregnant you have, the later your scheduled menstruation will be.

There is a possibility of miscarriage if you have a high number of pregnancy drinks, but if you didn’t have any complications after one or two abortions, you don’t have to worry much about your next pregnancy. However, if you have experienced several abortions or have repeated miscarriages, you may have problems. Menstrual pain, intrauterine adhesion, natural miscarriage, pelvic inflammation, etc 비아그라구입

Defendant in the uterus after abortion. If you want to know exactly whether it’s just blood or residue, you should visit the gynecologist for a test.

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